Creswick’s Natural Sleep Guarantee

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In the unlikely event that your mattress or bed frame does not meet our high-quality standards we offer a guarantee on all our products Creswick Woollen Mills offer a guarantee. This guarantee ensures only to the benefit of the original purchaser (“the purchaser”) of the product. Our Manufacturers, Crown Posture Bedding will repair (or replace […]

Care & Cleaning Instructions For New Mattresses

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Caring for Your new LANA Mattress:   Getting Started: Remove and dispense the polyethylene bag. This bag is not a toy, please keep it away from children. If a base has been purchased with your mattress, please screw the base fittings in tightly. Lift and position your mattress on base or frame. The best way […]

Why is Aramid Used in Wool Fire Blankets?

3 Real Plan. Prevent. Protect.

Aramid is a shortened word for “aromatic polyamide”. Aramid fibres are present in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which is used in firefighter’s equipment and Creswick’s wool fire blankets! In 2022, Creswick Woollen Mills continue to supply high quality wool fire blankets for personal use. Our wool fire blankets are blended with Aramid which is a specialised […]

Care Instructions For Possum Fibre


Creswick’s possum fibre is grown in New Zealand, due to possums being protected in Australia as a native species. Currently, in 2022 – possums are classified as a pest in New Zealand, so obtaining fibre is practiced ethically to protect environmental sustainability and reduce ecological threat on native flora and fauna. Possum fibre is the […]

Our Use of Recycled Wool


In 2022, Recycled wool is one of the world’s best natural fibres to create woollen outdoor homewares! Just like wool, recycled wool is soft, durable, breathable, and naturally stain-resistant but is also great for the environment.  Recycling wool provides a great environmentally sustainable option for pre-loved wool products. Recycled and repurposed products divert wool garments […]

What is GSM?


At Creswick Woollen Mills, we are the experts on natural fibres in 2022. This is our reputation, so understandably we are frequently asked questions regarding the GSM on all our woollen homewares such as blankets, quilts, and throws. So, if you’re here for answers… you’ve come to the right place! GSM Explained GSM is a […]